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Would you like to host a sushi party? Why not book Starpark Sushi to come out to your venue and make sushi for your guests right on site? We cater for wine festivals, birthday parties, and weddings.

We specialize in delicious Chinese Food and freshly made Sushi

Have you ever tried sushi? Many people often don't try it, because they think raw fish wouldn't be something that they would enjoy. Amazingly, those who do venture out of their comfort zone to try it are pleasantly surprised and say that they have never tasted anything like it. Life is all about trying new things. Why not bring your loved ones and check this off your bucket list.

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 11:00am - 22:00pm
Sat 11:00am - 22:00pm
Sun 13:00am - 22:00pm

Starpark Sushi accepts card and cash payments, offers FREE WIFI, and are open during loadshedding.


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Please make reservations for groups larger than 4.

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65B Church Street
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